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Event Description

Collateral Underwriter is an appraisal risk assessment algorithm and database developed by Fannie Mae. This free tool is made available to all lenders to give them a holistic value of risk on properties they underwrite and potentially sell to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. We are holding a FREE seminar on January 27th from 9-11. Register for this event today, seating is limited!

Come and learn about how the implementation of the Collateral Underwriting appraisal system will impact your real estate business. Jeff Hamilton will share with you the do’s & don’ts, information about the system ALL realtors need to know, deadlines, loan changes, scripts and dialogue. You will also hear from a local San Antonio Appraiser regarding the impact it will have on the appraisal industry. We want to share with you tips and information about how to not become a real estate statistic in 2015!

Event Details

Date: January 27th

Extras: Insight and information from Jeff Hamilton and a local San Antonio appraiser.

Cost: FREE, Seating is limited. To attend-register below!